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Mannies of LA - Babysitting Service Agency in Los Angeles

  ®Mannies of L.A. is a los angeles nanny agency with a high level of commitment to provide best nanny services in los angeles. We are a very personalized service that connects families with qualified male nannies that are hand-picked to suit your family's needs. We work one-on-one with you throughout the selection process, customizing our search to fit your family. During  the initial phase, we will determine your preferences, needs, budget, schedule, and any special set of skills you  are looking for in your manny. We then pair you with our personally  matched manny that will help engage, teach, influence, work, and play with your children. Send us your queries for hiring educated and professional nannies services in los angeles.

How To Hire a Nanny - Follow Steps

1. Fill out Family Application
2. Discuss in depth your needs and wants
3. Receive a manny profile
4. Choose to interview the manny or ask for another manny candidate
5. Manny trial day
6. Manny trial week
7. Manny placement

For hiring qualified nannies by one of the best nanny agency in los angeles: Call : 310-773-8895