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Why Mannies of L.A.?

Kid is playing and happy with nanny service provided by Mannies of LA

Mannies of L.A. 

is a male nanny agency in los angeles - We provide families with positive role models. Whether you're looking for a manny to do homework, play sports, teach a skill, play an instrument, or be a big brother, we have it all because our mannies are professional, educated, responsible to kep your children happy and satisfy parents. 

What is a Manny?

Mannies of LA - Male Nanny agency in Los Angeles

A manny is a male role model.

The  male role model is a crucial figure in the development of your child's  life. Mannies provide a consistent positive male influence and a strong  emotional bond with your child therefore we offer a best team of professional, educated nannies to fit your children's needs.

Who are the Mannies?

Professional Male Nanny is sitting with kid next to water lake in Los Angeles

Mannies are passionate

 men who are dedicated to enriching young lives with their vast experiences. Our mannies also have a wide range of skills as teachers, athletes, behavioral therapists, musicians, artists, and entertainers, because Mannies of LA knows how important it is for children to enjoy, fun and learning new skills.

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What is Mannies of L.A

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