Los Angeles Male Nanny (Manny) Agency

Los Angeles Male Nanny (Manny) Agency

Los Angeles Male Nanny (Manny) AgencyLos Angeles Male Nanny (Manny) AgencyLos Angeles Male Nanny (Manny) Agency

Mannies of LA | Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire a Manny (Male Nanny)?

Many children grow up without a consistent male role model in their early lives. They may have a nanny that's female and teachers that are mainly female, but today the importance of positive male role models is very much needed for your children, therefore a manny act and play a positive male role model and a mentor role. There is a special male connection that you don't get from a female nanny. A manny provides tons of energy for sports and activities. They also provide you and your family with a sense of  security and protection.

Why Hire Mannies of L.A - Nanny Agency in Los Anges?

Michael has been working with children for most of his life. He has worked with  them in all different environments and still works as a Developmental Kindergarten teacher at the Willows Community School. Michael has worked  with children in one-on-one, school, birthday, home, camp, and sport  settings. Michael knows what qualities to look for in a good caretaker and will make sure that each of his mannies posses them. Michael also has a really good track record in being able to find the right manny his clients. Mannies of LA is LA's #1 male nanny agency amongst all nanny agencies in Los Angeles.

What If I Don't Like My Manny?

If you don't like the manny we have  selected for you, we will work with you in finding another perfect nanny,maany match as per your requirements. Once you accept the manny, there's a 90 day period where if it doesn't work, we will help find you another educated and professional nanny or manny free of charge from our big network of nannies in LA.

Am I Responsible for Paying the Manny?

Mannies of L.A. has no responsibility in paying your manny. You are responsible for paying the manny the amount you and the manny agree on. The focus of Mannies of L.A. is to match you with the perfect manny  or a nanny role model as per your choice and requirements.

Will the Manny Have Gone Through a Detailed Background Check?

While hiring a male nanny, we value the safety of your children. Each manny will have gone through a background check and fingerprint scanning conducted by Trustline upon official placement. If you want additional manny or nanny background checks, Mannies of L.A. can provide you an additional background check if requested through a third party company.